My Father. My Hero. My Dad

This excerpt is part of my father’s account of the D-Day invasion during WWII. I want to honor him as the 75th Anniversary of D-Day approaches, a few days from now. He would have been 100 years old this year. I want to honor everyone who risked so much, those who gave all, and those […]

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In the Master’s Hands

My big brother, David, just came home from college. He was in Veterinary School and needed to make some serious money to help pay for college. Until this year he had spent his summers living at a neighbor’s house to work for the season, but the $50 per week earned as a farm hand wasn’t […]

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April Fools

“Momma, I see Mommy coming! April fools!” 4-year-old Addi giggled. “Your turn Momma!” “Oh, look! There’s Mommy! April fools!” I responded! “Look!! Mommy’s coming out the door right now! April Fools!” she exclaimed. “Okay your turn!” “I see Mommy now! April Fools!” We continued this little game for 10 minutes as we sat in the […]

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From the Rooftops

My husband Donnie is a contractor and early in his career, he replaced a lot of roofs. Roofing is a tough job. Although it is good money, it’s dirty, unpleasant work. It’s risky because of sudden rain storms and dangerous because of the heat or risk of falling. But my young, strong husband loved standing […]

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I Belong

Mom was browsing through the clothing store seeing what bargains she could find. I was 5 years old, growing more bored and tired by the minute. I leaned my head against her and she put her hand on my head lovingly caressing my hair. After a bit I looked up, and to my horror, I […]

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Find Grace to Fast

I was sitting in class at a Youth With A Mission school when I was a young Christian. We had guest speakers each week, like YWAM founder Loren Cunningham, his cousin Leland Paris, Paul Hawkins, Joy Dawson and Campbell McAlpine. These people were big names of that time and as a result of their teaching, […]

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Blending Traditions

Nothing was more exciting than Christmas time at my childhood home. My father was from Scandinavian descent, and that meant the family gathered around the griddle making lefsa (a potato tortilla served with butter and sugar) to grace the Holiday table a couple of days before Christmas. It meant oyster stew and lutefisk and fried […]

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We Got Spirit!

“We got spirit, yes, we do! We got spirit, How ‘bout You!” My son’s team was playing the school’s rival. They’d had a rough year with many losses. This was one football game we were hopeful of winning. We made a touchdown in the first quarter. The extra point was good. We cheered our boys […]

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Kathy Run

Kristi’s sister Penny stepped out her front door and yelled, “Dinner’s ready!” Kristi’s two brothers Jimmy and Steve came out of the Quonset shed where they had been helping their dad, Big Jim, repair the farm tractor. As Kristi and I jumped off the swings to race inside, Jimmy quickly caught up and yelled, “last […]

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Reaching for God in the Downpour

“What should we do?” Christine leaned into the steering wheel of the old Volkswagon bus, her hand wiping off the windshield fog to see through the driving rain. The windshield wipers slapped back and forth but were no match for the torrential downpour. “I don’t know. You know your lane better than me. You have […]

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