Breaking the Spirit of Unbelief

Have you ever felt like you were supposed to do something, but ended up not doing that thing?  Perhaps you wanted to ask someone out on a date.  Maybe you wanted to sign up for a sport.  Perhaps you were even given the opportunity to share your faith with a friend who doesn’t believe in […]

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Freedom Mindsets

Not many people say that they are okay, or think that they need to continue to parade around with a facade of okayness.  Many people no longer carry with them a false sense of superiority that they have to flaunt; instead, the culture encourages us to announce our flaws to the world. The millennial generation […]

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The Process to Go Higher

I have a joke about perspective to tell you. A general and his young subordinate, as well as a Grandmother and her beautiful granddaughter, are riding in the same train cabin. The train goes through a tunnel, and we hear the sound of a kiss, followed immediately by a loud smack against a face. The […]

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The Heart to Go Higher

As Lifeway Church continues the “Higher” series, we take a look at how you can answer the upward call of God. There are multiple parts to this, and they are as follows: 1. You need to have a CLEAR PICTURE of where you want to be to answer the upward call of God. 2. You […]

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Fast is a Verb

Have you done a fast recently? When was the last time you went a period of time without food or a specific thing? We’re not talking about forgetting to eat a breakfast or forgetting to check Instagram at night. When was the last time that you actually fasted from something for the specific purpose of […]

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Superman, the Apostle Paul, and You

            My hair stylist, Olivia, happens to be an amazing singer and songwriter in addition to her mad hair skills.  If you happen to live locally, you will see her popping up to sing at restaurants and cultural events around town.  She’s got something cool going right now called “Memories […]

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The Ultimate Sacrifice

As I recall my early childhood, I distinctly remember joining my classmates every morning as we said the Pledge of Allegiance. In unison, we joined our friends and teachers and gave our promise to our country. Though we may not have understood all that this implied, we faithfully pledged every day. As I’ve grown up, […]

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Prisoners of Hope

Prisoners of Hope “Return to the stronghold, You prisoners of hope. Even today I declare That I will restore double to you.” Zechariah 9:12 “Prison” can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Most of us will never actually experience time in jail, but we can be held captive by many […]

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Attitude Adjustment

While meandering through the land of the internet one day, I came upon a beautiful Southern mansion rental property named “Attitude Adjustment.” It sleeps 20, has 6 TVs, and is only 115 yards from the Gulf Coast beach. For a mere $5,000, it can be yours for an entire week. There is a cheaper way. I’m teaching […]

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