For security we have a child check-in system in place for all children infant to 5th grade who will be attending class during our services. All children attending a class must be checked in.

For your first time with us, stop at the Kids Registration Desk and let them know if you already filled out the form, and they will walk you through the self check-in process as well as answer any questions you may have. Children may go to class 15 min before the service start time.

Your phone number will be used to check in your children, and will also be the number used to page if there is a need. At any check-in station, select Child Check-in then you will see this screen for you to add your number.

You will have an option on the Check-In screen to change the Check in by person. If there are two adults in a household you can use either phone number to Check in. Please be advised that the person listed as the Check In By, will be the person paged if needed.

During the Service

We value families worshipping together, so your kids are welcome to worship in their classroom or with you. To be considerate of others in the room and our online community, we ask that if your children are crying or talking, to please take them out of the auditorium until they settle. We have “activity bags” at the welcome center if you would like to sit with your child in the Lobby and watch the service.

Mothers’ Room

At any time throughout the service, nursing mothers are welcome to use our private nursing room. For your convenience, we livestream the service to the nursing mothers’ room for you to view as you care for your little one.