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Jimmy Nimon

April 4, 2013


Friends, it is time that I catch you up on our journey. A little more than a year ago, God initiated communication with Lydia and me that He is leading us out of the leadership of the Gateway House of Prayer to plant a “praying church” with many of the same values that Gateway has currently. Telling you all the specifics of His leading will only make this email long, but I may put them on our website at a later date.


The number one question that we are asked is “Where do you plan on planting a church?” This is a good question, but it is not the primary one that we are seeking an answer to at this time. We really do not know where God desires us to do this, yet. So the answer to that will come in a future email after a significant time of prayer and seeking God about His desire for the location of this new community. However, let me answer the question you may have about what we are doing now. 🙂


As of May 1, I will no longer be the Executive Director of the Gateway House of Prayer. My good and trusted friend, Luke Weaver, has accepted the position after much time in prayer with his wife, Julie, and the Gateway Board of Directors.

For the time being, our CURRENT PLAN is to “wait on the Lord” and seek God for the FUTURE PLAN. For those who know me, this does not come natural at all as I want to DO SOMETHING.

I don’t want “waiting” to conjure up images of me sitting in a room staring at the ceiling hoping that a vision will appear out of Heaven (although that would be cool). Rather, I am aiming at devoting half of my time to serving in various ministry capacities in 2013 teaching, advising existing churches, and serving in them in development roles. The other 50% of my time will be devoted to receiving from God His plan for the church plant to which He has called us. It is my prayer that a core group of those called to this task will be meeting, praying, envisioning, and planning by no later than early 2014. Then as God leads, we can go from there.


I will be sending out a series of emails, God willing, weekly, to share with you the things that I value and hope to see in this Christian Community that God has called us to build. At the end of the series, if nothing else, I hope to envision you on what you can and should be doing in your own congregations, as well as awaken those who may be called to join us in this endeavor.


For the next three years, we need to raise financial support so that we can seek the Lord and move into the next steps of this process. I am inviting you to pray and ask God if He might have you support us through this transitionary season. With humility I believe that we are a good investment in Christ’s Kingdom work and I believe those who sow into this ministry now will see great fruitfulness from the resulting harvest of destinies that have been discipled to expand the Kingdom of God in all the arenas of life.

I would love to schedule appointments to meet with anyone interested in financially supporting this ministry.

About the Author: Jimmy Nimon

Jimmy Nimon is the Lead Pastor in Lifeway Church. Through training in the Scriptures and prophetic insight, he is dedicated to equipping people to encounter God and do His will. Jimmy also founded Gateway House of Prayer, which is a ministry of HarvestNET International that seeks regional transformation through 24/7 prayer and worship. He currently sits on the HarvestNET International Advisory Board, which provides direction to a network of over 100 churches and ministries. Jimmy and his wife, Lydia, are the parents of five beautiful children and reside in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. He also enjoys graphic design and operates a web design business.


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