How to Be a Good Service Host

Transitioning the worship service from singing praises to the message is an important part of our worship experience.  It is our desire that you do that smoothly connecting one part of the service to the next.  Just as important is warmly welcome guests to Lifeway Church, especially those who are with us for the first time.

Welcome Transition Guidelines

The following guidelines should be followed when serving as a Service Host to transition the worship service on Sunday mornings.

  • Check in at the sound booth at least 20 minutes before the service so the audio team can give you the handheld mic and show you how to turn it on if you’re not familiar.
  • You will receive a Tech Script from the Audio Tech, listing the order for the morning, so you can be ready to walk on stage when the last song is winding down.
  • Watch the clock and be ready to go on stage approximately 20 minutes after worship begins.
  • Please be in the front row, on the Worship Leader’s right side. They will look for you in this location when worship is winding down.
  • The total time for Welcome Transition should be just a few minutes, MAXIMUM OF 3 MINUTES.
  • Feel free to share a scripture verse, encouragement, or prayer that fits well with the worship that morning if you desire.
  • Then welcome the audience with the standard Lifeway greeting:

“Good morning, and welcome to Lifeway Church. My name is ——, and I’m so glad you are joining us today. Please have a seat and enjoy some announcements we have for you*.”

  • *Please do not reference the screen.
  • You’re done! Simply return mic to the sound booth.

It’s important to be full of life, exuberant, and to smile, but be yourself as well. BE CONFIDENT  and RELAXED.  Enjoy yourself up on the stage.  We celebrate your uniqueness and creativity within the guidelines and time allowed.