Today Only Happens Once

Amanda Book

May 24, 2021

Have you ever started your day in the best mood only to have it quickly shattered by the world?

Maybe your boss is in a bad mood.
Maybe your children are fighting.
Maybe your marriage is in a difficult place.
Maybe you received notice of your child’s school closing down again because of the virus.
Maybe you have more bills than money.
Maybe you are battling a health flare-up.

Whether you are single or married, sick or healthy, working or retired, life is full of unexpected turns that can cause stress & bad moods.

In every situation you only have two options, “Are you going to agree with Satan?” or “Are you going to agree with God?”

Jeremiah 29:11 says
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

The phrase “PLANS TO PROSPER” has been a truth I throw at Satan when He is attacking me. As my walk with Jesus became relational, I began to see myself in a battle. Good vs Evil. God vs Satan. I “throw” scripture at the evil one. He hates truth!

I have always admired those felt board signs. Pinterest has a bazillion and one ideas for them. I bought one for my home a year ago. I came across the phrase “Today only happens once”. This phrase was the first one on my board. I NEVER changed it. It hits my heart every day. I find encouragement to do and be the best version of myself in all situations no matter how I feel when I read that phrase! It gives me a boost and helps me check in with Jesus.

I am a mom to four children with a messy health background. Motherhood has been quite an adventure. No two days are alike! I need the reminder “Today only happens once” because it will never be repeated. My kids are the smallest they will ever be today. The sign helps motivate me to remember “I got this” even when I don’t.

As far as my health goes, it’s been a very wild ride. I have been through the wringer of tests without a clear diagnosis. I have felt weary and abandoned, tossed between the opinions of doctors and my inexperienced peers. They mean well, but it’s scary & exhausting. They all put God in a box.

My God is not in a box. He isn’t a statue to sit on the counter. He doesn’t hand out life sentences because of sin. He is ALIVE. The facts are that we are not promised tomorrow and God is the great healer! He has enough for everyone!

Whatever chapter of life you are in, remember that today only happens once! Whether the day is enjoyable or has you depressed or trapped in your head, you don’t have to waste one more minute!

Rise up my friends. This is where the fight begins.

You can choose to battle at any moment during any situation of life. Here are some examples of how I’ve changed a bad mood:

-Praying out loud
-Singing worship music
-Reading or listening to the Bible
-Going for a walk in nature
-Doing an act of kindness

Use ALL your senses
-Eat something you like
-Burn a candle, use essential oils, or shower using something with a fragrance
-Touch a fabric or a surface that you like
-Listen to something you enjoy
-Go out and watch nature or people

Remember: a bad moment does not equal a bad day.

God has plans for you to prosper!
Talk with Jesus right now about what you are walking through because today only happens once.

About the Author: Amanda Book

A friend who is embracing her God-given gifts while on the adventures of marriage, motherhood, and life!


  1. Linda Patches

    Thanks for sharing!

    God bless.

  2. Toby Burris

    Good stuff Amanda!


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