With Great Appreciation

Jimmy Nimon

May 13, 2013


I know I stated last week that I was planning on talking about the worth of Jesus Christ this week, and I will do that next week, God willing. 🙂

However, as I dive into discussing what I value in a local church, I think it is appropriate to address a possible perception to my writings. The perceived assumption is that I think I am somehow superior or better than who or what has come before me. That is often the assumption whenever someone shares what they think the “ideal something” should be like. It is assumed that you do not like what is or has been, or that you know better than the other guys, etc.


On the contrary, let me state emphatically that I greatly appreciate what other local churches here in Lancaster County and in other regions and states have done. I do not think I am “better than” anyone else planting, leading, and serving in any other congregation. In fact, the opposite is true. I owe so much of who I am to the contributions of the brothers and sisters in Christ, Christian leaders or otherwise.

All advancements in life in general are because someone has gone before us and we can evaluate and attempt to improve what they have left us in their legacy. We should always desire to better what we have currently with the expectation that others will seek to improve upon what we have done. That is the nature of forward-going progress. So, sure, I want to design things that improve deficiencies in the body of Christ which serve the whole body and not my congregation exclusively. But that in no way means that I do not value or honor those who have done their best in their time and sphere of influence.

Also, while I know there are some seriously dysfunctional churches out there, I have had the privilege of relating to mostly healthy leaders who are doing the very best they know how with God’s gifting on their lives to serve and lead His people.

The values that I will write over the many emails that I will send out are simply what I believe a healthy local church looks like. To be frank, there is the real possibility that I will fall short of my own desires in the beginning of what I do.

A good vision and set of values call us up to the “high call of God in Christ Jesus.” Just because I can write it out, does not mean that the congregation I establish can immediately live it out.

The first reality is we are all growing in God’s grace and need His help to do anything He shows us. The second reality is, I need the team of brothers and sisters He chooses to build with to see these values established in this proposed community of His people.

Finally, I hope that you will pray for all churches to obtain the grace to live these values out in their own congregations. The Kingdom of God is not a competition. Neither is church planting in His Kingdom. When one church fails, we all feel that failure and the dishonor it brings to Jesus Christ. When another congregation of His people succeeds at doing God’s will or is honored, we should rejoice in that since “we are all on the same team.”


What do you value as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ? What have you appreciated and what has been challenging to you as you relate to the body of Christ? I am interested in hearing your thoughts. Please respond to this email and share with me if you desire.


  • Worship: Motivated by the Worth of Jesus Christ
  • The Value of the Word of God
  • Great Commandment to the Great Commission: Motivated by Love
  • Prayer: Motivated by Faith
  • The Church as a Family
  • And many more… 🙂


I am amazed at how many of you read and respond to these blog posts. You all lead busy lives. I sure don’t want to waste anyone’s time on our list. So let me tell you clearly that I appreciate all who take the time to read, contemplate, and respond to these values. May God bless you as you serve His Kingdom!


Jimmy Nimon | MESSENGER

About the Author: Jimmy Nimon

Jimmy Nimon is the Lead Pastor in Lifeway Church. Through training in the Scriptures and prophetic insight, he is dedicated to equipping people to encounter God and do His will. Jimmy also founded Gateway House of Prayer, which is a ministry of HarvestNET International that seeks regional transformation through 24/7 prayer and worship. He currently sits on the HarvestNET International Advisory Board, which provides direction to a network of over 100 churches and ministries. Jimmy and his wife, Lydia, are the parents of five beautiful children and reside in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. He also enjoys graphic design and operates a web design business.


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